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 PHOTO-JOURNALISM - The Perdon Carnival



  The Perdon Carnival

The PERDON carnival takes place in the Sibundoy valley in the PUTUMAYO region of Colombia. The INGA and KAMENTSA indigenous people come together to celebrate their version of carnival, which ends on Ash Wednesday. The CARNAVAL DEL PERDON can be translated in different ways the great day, the day of forgiveness, the maize festival as a tribute to mother earth for her harvest because corn is the main food of these indigenous peoples. Saint John is much revered during this festival when a live chicken has its head bound to its body and is then thrown into the crowd to be torn apart by anyone who catches it. The festival carries on with a flower ceremony where local leaders and prominent members of the community have garlands placed around their necks by the TAITA and the elders to show that the two different peoples are renewing their pledge to live together in peace.
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