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 PHOTO-JOURNALISM - Nariño - Land of coffee



  Nariño - Land of coffee

Coffee originally came from the Republic of Yemen and started to be grown commercially in Colombia in 1835. Now coffee is grown on over one million hectares of land. Over three quarters of the country’s coffee production is exported making Colombia the third largest exporter in the world.
In the Nariño region, a few kilometers from the city of Pasto lies the small town of El Ingenio in the foothills of the Galeras volcano.
One of the world’s finest coffees is grown in El Ingenio and its unique flavour is recognised by expert tasters.
The beans are hand-picked, dried in the sun and meticulously sorted to ensure that the beans are all the same size and shape.
Many of the region’s families help with the harvest and are able to improve their incomes and quality of life. 

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