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 PHOTO-JOURNALISM - Harvesting sugar



  Harvesting sugar

Most of Bolivia’s sugar cane is grown in the region of Santa Cruz. The crop is harvested over a period of 8 months starting in March. Between the regions of Tarija and Santa Cruz there are 4,500 camps housing the sugar cane harvesters. The cane is cut at ground level using a machete, bundled together and laid out to be carried to the trucks. Hundreds of men, women and children work in the fields. Most come from the High Plateau and migrate for the season looking for new sources of income. The work is hard and cuts from the machete and sugar cane leaves, snake and insect bites are frequent during a 12-hour work day under the blazing sun. The cane is transported to the sugar factories, processed and then exported to countries such as Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.
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